Services we provide

Percepto develops and advices about software for data analysis systems, i.e. systems that analyze input from the environment using various algorithms based on methods from statistical data analysis and signal processing. The primary focus is development of software-based systems performing analysis of audio and video data.

The primary offering of Percepto is the combination of theoretical insights from computer vision and statistical data analysis with the capability and experience of developing robust, fast, testable and maintainable software.

Application areas

The analysis methods are generic by nature, but are typically applied in the following domain areas:

  • Industrial production systems, e.g. for automatic quality control based on 2D or 3D scanning of manufactured products.
  • Medical diagnostic systems, e.g. image analysis for automatically detecting various conditions.
  • Entertainment systems, e.g. for augmentation of the experience in games or television based on analysis of the surroundings.
  • Robotics, e.g. navigation based on input from cameras and handling based on 3D scanners.
  • Surveillance, e.g. for automatic detection of events in static and moving surveillance cameras.

How we work

Percepto can help you in various ways. Hopefully one of the following will fit your need.
Product development Product development. If you need a turnkey system that just works and do not want to take part in the implementation, we deliver these. Percepto has a network of collaborating companies for quickly scaling both software and hardware development efforts if needed.
Collaborative development Collaborative development. Percepto often takes part in existing development projects at customer sites, e.g. for implementing specific parts related to data analysis or for optimizing performance critical areas. Whether you expect the need for an extra hand down the road or have suddenly realized your need, do not hesitate to contact us.
Joint ventures Joint ventures. Perhaps you have a great idea involving computer vision, augmented reality, data analysis or simply software development, but lack the resources for realizing it. If we also believe in the idea, we might be able to help you tailor a way forward.
Prototyping Prototyping. If you have an idea about bringing computer vision or statistical data analysis into your product, but are unsure about the possibilities, we can help you develop a prototype or perform a feasibility study. Typical the work results in a written report concluding the applicability of vision technology to your product area.
Training Training. If you need to catch up on the basics of computer vision or software development, or need detailed knowledge on how to utilize a specific vision package or software tool, we can help you with tailored courses for smaller groups or written documentation depending on your need.
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